JBL reference 510 

Its green. It is fluorescent and phosphorescent. It glows in the light and in the dark. It is viscous. It flows, though slowly. Any thing that comes into direct contact with it glows.

At times when I’ve been really down, I’ve felt it flow into me. From my walkman, through the leads, through the wires and through my head phones, into my ears, making me glow. But it flowed slowly. The walkman seemed to be a weak pump. And for years it remained that way, oozing out slowly from a source of music.

Some times it would spill out of my ears and I always had trouble getting the right sealing at my ear to prevent the green stuff from leaking out. Years ago, I had a headphone that was glued into a position that best fit my head so that no one would change my best fit position.

But all that changed today.

The wires became pipes. The slow flowing thick liquid became thin and came down with force. It wasn’t glowing that brightly either. It did not fill me slowly, but it poured all into me and overflowed.

It was a different experience today.

To me, my new JBL reference 510 changed the way music sounded.