I love Wikipedia

I love Wikipedia for many reasons

- It is a dynamic encyclopedia
- It is free
- I can contribute to it
- It unleashes the full power of hypertext and enables the knowledge seeker to reach new limits effortlessly

Now there is one more reason to love it.

- It runs offline on my Palm.

I discovered the possibility just 5 hours ago. Thanks to the download speeds and possibilities in the U.S., Wikipedia is now running off-line on my Palm

Palm pain

I had earlier, earlier this month, bought a new Palm TX handheld with a 2 gig card.

I didn’t realize what a pain the Palm desktop was until today. I had, stupidly, hard reset my handheld after the installation of Agendus had failed. Then came the ordeal. I couldn’t recover data from my earlier hot syncs. I couldn’t use the same user name. I couldn’t get all the proggies to synchronise at once. After 10 hard resets of the hand held and installing / uninstalling Palm desktop, Documents To Go, Adobe reader for Palm, multiple times, I finally have every thing working except Palm Quick install.

I spent 10 hours today to setup this stupid handheld.

My final list of Palm programs includes:
- Adobe reader for Palm
- Documents To Go
- Geo Pro
- eReader
- pTunes
- Versa Mail
- Wifi LT
- Easy Calc
- iSilo
- ListPro
- Pocket Quicken
- Periodic Table of Elements
- SC-123PU
- Teal Info
- Unit Conversion Pro
- Yaps

It’s been such a long effort to get this stupid hand held set-up.
Now I can go ahead and waste my time punching in a gazillion contacts.

At least today, it looks to me like CASIO PV-S1600 is the best hand held in the whole world.