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  • Krishnan 21:44 on October 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    WP-Hive upgrade prevents WordPress login 

    I upgraded the wp-hive plug-in to version 0.5 earlier today. It wasn’t an active plugin for me and I needn’t have upgraded it. But I did it earlier today and didn’t think twice about it.

    Later, I found out that I could not login into WordPress as an administrator. Everything else seemed to be working fine. Site was up and running as usual, but I couldn’t access my dashboard.

    When I checked the WordPress database through phpMyAdmin the wp_options table was perfect. I was soon able to figure out that this was not a WordPress problem.

    So I started troubleshooting by trying to undo my last set of actions, one of which was upgrading the wp-hive plugin. Renaming the wp-hive folder gave an serious error and brought the site down. With that I was able to narrow down the problem to the file


    I remmed out the line

    /*require_once( WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/plugins/wp-hive/do-prefix.php’);

    Everything is back to normal for me now because I dont use wp-hive.

    I didn’t find anything about this problem in Google, so I decided to write this down.

    • ikailo 01:07 on October 9, 2009 Permalink

      You might be better off just deleting /wp-content/db.php from the filesystem, which will also de-activate WP Hive plugin. Someone else reported a bug like this earlier, so I’m going to have to look into it a little more.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Krishnan 06:42 on October 9, 2009 Permalink

      dp.php had only two lines. First line seems necessary for my installation to work. Thats why I couldn’t take it out.

  • Krishnan 11:29 on September 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Notes for 2009-09-07 

  • Krishnan 00:09 on August 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    How to: Use TGFI.net SEO plugin 

    This is a sample post created after the installation of TGFI SEO plugin.

    This sample post should help me verify if I’m able to configure meta data at an individual post level.

    What this means is, after this posting this, if I access this post through its permalink and view the html source I should see some meta data for this post.

    This plug-in sure doesn’t sound like big deal to me, because I am required to use the wordpress dashboard instead of a blog client. TGFI SEO plugin will give you yet another form just below the editor on which we can fill in the post level meta data for SEO.

    One thing that must be done for the plugin to work is from the FAQ:

    Q: The titles aren’t showing up for me, or seem to be partially working. What’s wrong?

    A: Make you you have <?php wp_head(); ?> in your header.php file between your HTML <head> tags.

    I hope it is worth the effort.

  • Krishnan 00:11 on August 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , XMLRPC   

    Solution to WordPress MU xmlrpc bug 

    If you are reading this, you probably landed here looking for a fix that will help you use a desktop client on WP-MU. Well, you are not alone.

    My previous post on using Scribefire on WP-MU, certainly was not the most elegant way of solving the xmlrpc problem, but it worked then. When I upgraded to Firefox 3.5.1 and Scribefire 3.4.1, the fix stopped working. I was busy at work and could not sit down to study the problem, so I simply stopped posting to the other blogs I really want to write.

    Thankfully, this weekend I could fix the problem. I know now that a fix was available since April ’09, but it perhaps took so long to show up in google or it was just my clumsy googling. Daniel Llewellyn has written this small piece of code which solves this problem elegantly.

    To solve the problem (xmlrpc bug) so that you use desktop clients on WP-MU do the following:
    1. Download the text file with Daniel’s code
    2. Rename the text file as wpmublogger-getusersblogs.php
    3. Upload the php file to your WP-MU installation to the mu-plugins folder under the wp-content folder.

    Thats it and now you’re now ready to go. When I tested, Scribefire 3.4.1 detected all 7 blogs that were configured to a particular user account.

    Thank you, Daniel, for sharing the trick. One small piece of code that solves a bug bothering so many WP-MU users.

    • Daniel Llewellyn 01:05 on August 2, 2009 Permalink

      re: the delay in showing up in google.

      I’m not sure why, but it would appear that only the past two months or so have my blog entries been gradually showing up in search engines and whatnot. I’m glad you finally found my little backwater site, and hope that others find this code useful.

  • Krishnan 12:34 on July 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    How to : Display mathematical symbols in wordpress 

    Once upon a time, there was WordStar 4. Then came MS Word and with it came Mathtype, Mathmagic and Equation editor in Word 2007.

    None of these gave me the joy that I had when I discovered PHP Math Publisher and WPMATHPUB.

    Now my WordPress powered sites can have equations in them for free! :)

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