How to create a .ics file?

Whether you use calendars in your Apple products or Microsoft Products or web based systems like Google or Yahoo, the connecting thread is the .ics file. You import/export calendar information using the .ics files.

Traditionally you paid for the software that permitted you to create .ics files. Programs like MS Outlook or iOS. If you didn’t pay for the software, you had to pay for the connectivity to generate an .ics file from a web based calendar service.

I discovered, just today, that Sunbird 1.0 beta1, a standalone free calendar program by Mozilla foundation now lets you work offline and create .ics files. I just want to put in the good word. Does Sunbird handle time zone differences and daylight savings well? Well, I don’t know for sure but I think we have program that fills a sweet spot.

How to : Program a MS Excel Form

If you are trying to make an excel form, chances are you lost at the many objects lying around on your form and are baffled as to how all the pieces fit together.

They key thing in writing a form is understanding how many objects are used and what minimum code must support each object and action. If you are lost and dont know what piece of code to write next, here are some simple guidelines I follow myself in programming my forms for performing engineering calculations.

1. Throw all objects you want on a form. Inputs and Outputs.

2. For an engineering calculation, if any input parameter changes, all outputs must vanish. Otherwise your form risks the possibility of displaying the incorrect value from a previous calculation before the current calculation is performed.

3. Initialize the form using built in “UserForm_Initialize()” function.

4. Initialisation of the form can be performed by a separate macro which pouplates the initial values to be displayed.

5. Use the most common three buttons as set in 6, 7 and 8

6. “Close” button unloads the form

7. “Clear” button can be used to invoke the initialization macro or clear the all input and output fields by making them blank.

8. “Calculate” button begins the calculation sequences.

9. When starting a calculation, first step is to check the inputs.

10. Check the inputs one by one. If inputs are not correct dont perform the calculation. If inputs are correct, read and interpret the inputs alongside.

11. Perform calculations. Use UDFs as necessary.

12. Estimate results. Diplay results as Label Captions.

Have Fun!

How to : Edit Background Graphics in Powerpoint?

You have an PPT file from an older version of MS Office that opens in Office 2007. There are images on the master slide that seem to be not  editable. But you can hide them by selecting on “Hide Background graphics”. How do you edit whatever graphics that are controlled by the Background Graphics button?

Go to view, slide master then make sure you select the first slide in the list on the left. When you are on that first slide you can select and edit these types of background items.

Does weather affect metabolism at all?

Do I need more (or fewer) calories in the winter
compared to what I ate in the warmer months?  Does weather affect
metabolism at all?


Your calorie requirements do not change with the
seasons.  Shivering does increase the calories you burn actually spent
shivering, but as long as you have a source of heat and clothing to keep
body temperature normal, you will not burn extra calories to generate
heat.  When people spend time outdoors in very cold weather, any extra
calories they may burn keeping warm are offset by the reduction of
calories burned in activity, which is usually hampered by heavy

links for 2010-09-06

  • Despatching 1MW of predictable power at a water velocity of 2.65m/s, the AK1000™ is capable of generating enough electricity for over 1000 homes. It is designed for harsh weather and rough, open ocean environments such as those found off the Scottish coast. The turbine incorporates cutting edge technology from suppliers across the globe, has an 18 meter rotor diameter, weighs 1300 tonnes and stands at a height of 22.5 meters. The giant turbine is expected to be environmentally benign due to a low rotation speed whilst in operation and will deliver predictable, sustainable power to the local Orkney grid.

How to : Access Yahoo Mail through Outlook?

Yahoo! old timers who can recollect the good old days when email was accessible through a client program can now feel happy again.

I was at one point in time paying Yahoo! to have POP access after they suddenly decided to withdraw the POP access to users that don’t pay.

According to this article, Yahoo!  has restored pop access, at least to a part of users in Singapore, Hongkong, India and UK.

When I tried to configure Outlook 2007 to POP my yahoo account, it worked.

To make it work for me, I had to configure my Profile to Yahoo! Asia.

When Outlook 2007 configured the account for the first time, it detected the following settings:

Incoming mail server settings
* POP server:
* Port: 110

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings
* SMTP server:
* Port: 25
* Use authentication

These settings worked flawlessly. However, I decided to use SSL even though it would a bit slower and manually corrected the setting as follows:

Incoming mail server settings
* POP server:
* Use SSL
* Port: 995

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings
* SMTP server:
* Use SSL
* Port: 465
* Use authentication

Everything is working fine. Thank you, Yahoo! for not making me cough up $20 for POP access this year. I wouldn’t have paid any way.

I just though I should write it down, in case there is some one else looking for instructions.