Howto: Automatically start a program in Debian

Some times, some of us may need to start a program when starting Debian. One example could be the instant messenger program Pidgin or it could be Vuze for people who want their downloads to start automatically.

GNOME has an elegant solution for this. Go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions and here you can add a list of programs you want to start with every session.

*Edited later*

In KDE4 there is a similar choice in Control center -> autostart.

If you are using KDE 3.5, which comes with Debian Lenny as a default, you will need to add the program manually to ~/.kde/Autostart

6 thoughts on “Howto: Automatically start a program in Debian”

  1. It’s not correct, in kde4 there is a similar voice, in control center, autostart.

  2. Yes, KDE4 does have an option in systemsettings-> advanced -> autostart.

  3. I appreciate the input on KDE4.
    Personally, I’ve never tried KDE4 on Debian. I have edited to clarify that what I wrote applies to KDE3.5 which comes with Debian Lenny by default.
    Thanks again.

  4. I have Debian Squeeze on my home desktop, including KDE4. How to make kpackage work?

    KDE3.5 worked really well and 4 is a disaster!

  5. in fvwm-crystal you can put that in ~/.fvwm-crystal/preferences/Startup

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