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  • Forward Osmois uses a "draw solution" and a membrane to allow water molecules to flow from a lower concentration of salt (seawater for example) to a highly concentrated salt solution (called the "draw solution"). The idea isn't new, but has been largely discarded in the past because the salts used in the draw solution couldn't be driven off the water effectively whether the challenge was economics or purity. Oasys Water founder, Robert MsGinnis, claims to have solved this problem and if he's correct, he may have one of the great engineering achievements that we've seen in a while.

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  • 1. Analyze the need to purchase running shoes based on the number of miles your old pair has on them. Do not base your need for new shoes by observing how much tread remains on the outer sole. The mid-sole of many running shoes break down at 400 miles (or earlier depending on a number of factors) and offers little or no protection after that period of time. It is important to keep in mind that running shoes provide the first line of defense against the potential of injury.

    2. Consider purchasing two pairs of running shoes. Flip-flopping their use every other day increases the life expectancy of each pair.

    3. Purchase a new pair of shoes that you will use during the actual event approximately four to six weeks prior to the marathon. These shoes should be the same model that you've found works well for you during your long runs. The key point here is to have sufficient time to break the new pair in (by logging 60-70 miles including one long run) prior to your race.

  • How to Find the Best Marathon Running Shoes for Your Feet

    1. They should match your feet
    2. They should provide rebound energy
    3. They should be lightweight and flexible

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  • An example use of a scraper: let's say a government entity releases daily information regarding finances, and you want to graph or otherwise track this data for personal or business use. Going to the website each day and entering the data manually is certainly one labor-intensive way to do it, but as with any good hacker will tell you – if you have to do anything more than once it is better to automate it.

    ScraperWiki is a centralized location for these custom built scrapers. Instead of writing your own from scratch, you can search their database to see if a scraper has already been written for a source.

    Scrapers are categories by language – PHP, Python and Ruby – and the site is currently in beta.

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How to : Edit Background Graphics in Powerpoint?

You have an PPT file from an older version of MS Office that opens in Office 2007. There are images on the master slide that seem to be not  editable. But you can hide them by selecting on “Hide Background graphics”. How do you edit whatever graphics that are controlled by the Background Graphics button?

Go to view, slide master then make sure you select the first slide in the list on the left. When you are on that first slide you can select and edit these types of background items.

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  • Most of his songs are without recognisable text, as it is his intention to transcend the limitation of speech. Instead he sings without a specific language, using only melodic syllables which remove the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart. Lex call this creative expression of moving spirit "his soul language."
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  • Many scientists consider the loss of healthy mitochondria to be an important underlying cause of aging in mammals. As resident mitochondria falter, the cells they fuel wither or die. Muscles shrink, brain volume drops, hair falls out or loses its pigmentation, and soon enough we are, in appearance and beneath the surface, old.

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  • QR-Codes first hit mainstream when they were initially used for tracking parts by vehicle manufacturers. After a while, companies began to see the scope for where QR-Codes could be used elsewhere within the world. The most commercial use for QR-Codes is in the telecommunications industry where the mobile phone seems to be the biggest driver of their popularity.