prajñānam brahma – “Prajña is Brahman”, or “Brahman is Prajña” Prajñānam Brahma Several translations, and word-orders of these translations, are possible: Prajñānam: jñā can be translated as “consciousness”, “knowledge”, or “understanding.” Pra is an intensifier which could be translated as “higher”, “greater”, “supreme” or “premium”, or “being born or springing up”,referring to a spontaneous type of knowing. Prajñānam as a whole means: प्रज्ञान, “prajJAna”, Adjective: prudent, easily known, wise Noun: discrimination, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence. “Consciousness” “Intelligence” “Wisdom Related terms are jnana, prajna and prajnam, “pure consciousness”. Although the common translation of jnanam is “consciousness”, the term has a broader meaning of “knowing”; “becoming acquainted with”, “knowledge about anything”,”awareness”, “higher knowledge”. Brahman: “The Absolute” “Infinite” “The Highest truth” Most interpretations state: “Prajñānam (noun) is Brahman (adjective)”. Some translations give a reverse order, stating “Brahman is Prajñānam”, specifically “Brahman (noun) is Prajñānam (adjective)”. “The Ultimate Reality is wisdom (or consciousness)”.

Aitareya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda