All verbal teachings are just to cure an…

All verbal teachings are just to cure an illness. Different illnesses require different cures. This is why sometimes it is said there is only Buddha and sometimes that there is no Buddha. True teachings cure the illness. If the cure works, the teachings are true. If they don’t cure the illness, the teachings are false. True teachings are false it they create opinions. False teachings are true if they destroy delusions. The illness is an illusion anyway, so all the cures are also illusions.


Every thing contains a portions of all things…

Every thing contains a portions of all things, but Consciousness is infinite, free, alone, and mixed with nothing else. Consciousness is pure and sublime. It has knowledge of everything. It controls all life, great and small. It governs the spinning wheel of separateness that divides things off one from the other. It knows all that is, and things that are not, and things that have been, and things that shall be. Consciousness arranges all things as they are, including the rotating stars, the sun, the moon, the air, and the ether.


நான் – பாரதியார் கவிதை


வானிற் பறக்கின்ற புள்ளெலாநான்
All birds flying in the sky, I am

மண்ணிற் றிரியும் விலங்கெலாநான்
All beasts roaming the sands, I am

கானிழல் வளரு மரமெலாநான்
All shady trees growing in forests, I am

காற்றும் புனலுங் கடலுமேநான்.
Winds, floods, seas, I am


விண்ணிற் றெரிகின்ற மீனெலாநான்
All stars that burn in the sky, I am

வெட்ட வெளியின் விரிவெலாநான்
All the expanse of empty space, I am

மண்ணிற் கிடக்கும் புழுவெலாநான்
All worms that lie on land, I am

வாரியி லுள்ள வுயிரெலாநான்.
All life forms inside water, I am

கம்ப னிசைத்த கவியெலாநான்
All poems written by Kamban, I am

காருகர் தீட்டு முருவெலாநான்
All imagery created by painters, I am

இம்பர் வியக்கின்ற மாட கூடம்
Mansions and halls that induce awe in people

எழினகர் கோபுரம் யாவுமேநான்.
Towers of the beautiful city, I am


இன்னிசைமாத ரிசையுளேனான்
Inside the sweet music of women, I am

இன்பத் திரள்க ளனைத்துமேநான்
All accumulations of joy, I am

புன்னிலை மாந்தர்தம் பொய்யெலாநான்
All lies of wretched people, I am

பொறையருந் துன்பப் புணர்ப்பெலாநான்.
All bonds of pain and impatience, I am


மந்திரங் கோடி யியக்குவோனான்
Operator of a million spells, I am

இயங்கு பொருளி னியல்பெலாநான்
All nature of things that operate, I am

தந்திரங் கோடி சமைத்துளோனான்
Creator of a million tricks, I am

சாத்திர வேதங்கள் சாற்றினோனான்.
Teacher of Sastras and Vedas, I am


அண்டங்கள் யாவையு மாக்கினோனான்
Maker of all universes, I am

அவைபிழை யாமே சுழற்றுவோனான்
Spinner of them flawlessly, I am

கண்டநற் சக்திக் கணமெலாநான்
All star formations that limit energies, I am

காரண மாகிக் கதித்துளோனான்.
The cause and the knower, I am


நானெனும் பொய்யை நடத்துவோனான்
Conductor of the illusion called me, I am

ஞானச் சுடர்வானிற் செல்லுவோனான்
Traveler in the bright sky of wisdom, I am

ஆன பொருள்க ளனைத்தினு மொன்றாய்
Unifying everything created

அறிவாய் விளங்கு முதற்சோதி நான்.
The first light of knowledge, I am

There is no permanent form Whatever appears is…

There is no permanent form. Whatever appears is a state and has to disappear. Anything that is sensorially seen and interpreted by the mind is an appearance in consciousness, and is not true. What you see is not what is. Appearances will dissolve on investigation and the underlying reality will come to the surface. All appearance and disappearance presupposes a change against some changeless background.

Fascinated by names and forms, which are by their very nature distinct and diverse, you distinguish what is natural and separate what is one. From the bodily standpoint, all forms appear as separate entities. But at the consciousness level, they are consciousness-manifest and not separate.

You have no innate form. You have no form, no design. The names and forms you see are your consciousness only. The forms are only instruments for the functioning of consciousness. You are not the form but the consciousness which gives sentience to the form.

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

One of the important functions of prayer I…

One of the important functions of prayer, I believe, is to act as a stimulus to creative ideas. Within the mind are all the resources required for successful living. Ideas are present in the consciousness, which when released and given scope to grow and take shape, can lead to successful events. God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us to tap and develop these powers.

-APJ Abdul Kalam

prajñānam brahma Prajña is Brahman or …

prajñānam brahma – “Prajña is Brahman”, or “Brahman is Prajña”

Prajñānam Brahma

Several translations, and word-orders of these translations, are possible:

jñā can be translated as “consciousness”, “knowledge”, or “understanding.”
Pra is an intensifier which could be translated as “higher”, “greater”, “supreme” or “premium”, or “being born or springing up”,referring to a spontaneous type of knowing.

Prajñānam as a whole means:
प्रज्ञान, “prajJAna”, Adjective: prudent, easily known, wise
Noun: discrimination, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence.

Related terms are jnana, prajna and prajnam, “pure consciousness”.
Although the common translation of jnanam is “consciousness”, the term has a broader meaning of “knowing”; “becoming acquainted with”, “knowledge about anything”,”awareness”, “higher knowledge”.

“The Absolute”
“The Highest truth”

Most interpretations state: “Prajñānam (noun) is Brahman (adjective)”.

Some translations give a reverse order, stating “Brahman is Prajñānam”, specifically “Brahman (noun) is Prajñānam (adjective)”.

“The Ultimate Reality is wisdom (or consciousness)”.

Aitareya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda