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    Yeh Kaun Chitrakaar Hai 

    Movie: Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti
    Singer(s): Mukesh
    Lyricist: Bharat Vyas

    हरी हरी वसुंधरा पे नीला नीला ये गगन
    कि जिसपे बादलो की पालकी उड़ा रहा पवन
    दिशाएं देखो रंग भरी चमक रहीं उमंग भरी
    ये किसने फूल फूल पे किया श्रृंगार है
    ये कौन चित्रकार है ये कौन चित्रकार

    तपस्वियों सी हैं अटल ये पर्वतों की चोटियां
    ये सर्प सी घुमेरदार घेरदार घाटियां
    ध्वजा से ये खड़े हुए हैं वृक्ष देवदार के
    गलीचे ये गुलाब के बगीचे ये बहार के
    ये किस कवि की कल्पना का चमत्कार है
    ये कौन चित्रकार है ये कौन चित्रकार

    कुदरत की इस पवित्रता को तुम निहार लो
    इसके गुणों को अपने मन में तुम उतार लो
    चमका लो आज लालिमा अपने ललाट की
    कण कण से झांकती तुम्हें छवि विराट की
    अपनी तो आँख एक है उसकी हजार है
    ये कौन चित्रकार है ये कौन चित्रकार

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    Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.

    Ram Dass

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    Bouletcorp’s quantum pixel 

    This comic strip published by Bouletcorp is brilliant. In fact, this is pure genius that the world needs to see. Four simple images tell a powerful story about the nature of reality.

    A French man tired of the illusory nature of the real world that is trapped between relativity and quantum theory takes refuge in a 2D electronic world only to meet Stephen Hawking there who explains to him that the chaos does not end by cutting out a dimension.





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    The ultimate abstraction takes place in mathematics where words are replaced by symbols and where the operations of connecting the symbols are rigorously defined. In this way, scientists can condense information into one equation, i.e. into one single line of symbols, for which they would need several pages of ordinary writing.

    ―Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics

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    If you use your mind to try and understand reality, you will understand neither your mind nor reality. If you try and understand reality without using your mind, you will understand both your mind and reality.


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    Jo Dise So To Hai Nahin,
    What is seen is not the Truth

    Hai So Kaha Na Jayee
    What is cannot be said

    Bin Dekhe Parteet Na Aave,
    Trust comes not without seeing

    Kahe Na Koyee Patiyana
    Nor understanding without words

    Samajh Hoye To Rabeen Cheenho,
    The wise comprehends with knowledge

    Achraj Hoye Ayana
    To the ignorant it is but a wonder

    Koi Dhyave Nirakar Ko,
    Some worship the formless God

    Koi Dhyave Aakaara
    Some worship His various forms

    Ja Bidhi In Dono Te Nyara,
    In what way He is beyond these attributes

    Jane Jananhara
    Only the Knower knows

    Woh Raag To Likhia Na Jayee
    That music cannot be written

    Matra Lakhe Na Kana
    How can then be the notes

    Kahat Kabir So Padhe Na Parlay, Surat Nirat Jin Jana
    Says Kabir, awareness alone will overcome illusion


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    What the mind invents, the mind destroys. But the real is not invented and cannot be destroyed.
    Hold on to that over which the mind has no power.

    -Nisargadatta Maharaj

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    It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.
    -Carl Jung

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    The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you Live.

    -Nisargadatta Maharaj

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    Janaka and Ashtavakra 

    In ancient India there was a King called Janaka, who was also a sage. One day Janaka was taking a nap
    on his flower-strewn bed with his servants fanning him and his soldiers standing guard outside his door.
    As he dozed off, he had a dream in which a neighboring King defeated him in battle, took him prisoner,
    and had him tortured. As soon as the torture began, Janaka woke with a start to find himself lying on his
    flower-strewn bed with his servants fanning him and his soldiers on guard.

    Once again he dozed off and had the same dream. And once again he woke up to find himself safe and
    comfortable in his palace.

    Now Janaka began to be disturbed by several thoughts: While he was asleep, the world of his dreams
    had seemed so real. Now that he was awake, the world of the senses seemed real. Which of these two
    worlds is the real one, he wanted to know.

    None of the philosophers, scholars, and seers he consulted could give him an answer. And for many
    years he searched in vain, till one day a man called Ashtavakra knocked at the door of the palace. Now,
    Ashtavakra means “entirely deformed or crooked,” and he got that name because that is exactly what his
    body had been from birth.

    At first the King was not disposed to take this man seriously. “How can a misshapen man like you be the
    carrier of a wisdom denied to my seers and scholars?” he asked.

    “Right from my childhood, all avenues have been closed to me – so I avidly pursued the path of wisdom,”
    was Ashtavakra’s reply.

    “Speak, then,” said the King.

    So this is what Ashtavakra said: “O King, neither the waking state nor the dream state is real. When you
    are awake, the world of dreams does not exist and when you dream the world of the senses does not
    exist. Therefore, neither is real.”

    “If both the waking and the dream states are unreal, then what is real?” asked the King.

    “There is a state beyond these two. Discover that. It alone is real.”

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    Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

    Warren Bennis

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    Everything you can imagine is real.

    Pablo Picasso

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