The Golden Rules of Asking

Always ask for what you want. Believe in yourself enough to do the asking. Huge worthiness score on this.

Before you ask strategize and use all your resources to make it happen. You will be surprised how many ways you can make your way in…

Believe you should have it. If you don’t believe you should have it, then you should not have it.

Replace “I could never pull this off” with “If anyone could pull this off its me.”

Remember ….you truly have nothing to lose apart from your ego getting hit. But then again big egos are not very liked so it would do you some good if your ego got smaller. Worthiness does not mean having a big ego.

You have been through the unimaginable so you can do the impossible.

One day it will be too late and you will no longer be in a place of asking. Tomorrow won’t do.

Asking should always take place today!

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