Kabir in Gurbani

“Kabeer garab na keejiye, rank na hasiye koe,
Aja hu naao samund mein, kya jana kya hoye”
{ O Kabeer, don’t ever be proud or laugh at other’s misery,
Your boat is still in the world-ocean, who knows what may happen with you?}

“Kabeer aisa ko nahi, mandar de-e jarae,
Pancho larke maarke, rahe Raam lio lae”
{ O Kabeer, is there anyone who can burn his own house (‘mind’),
kill his five sons (lust, ire,avarice,attachment,ego) to remain lovingly attached to the Lord?)

“Kabeer charan kamal ki mouj ko, keh kese unmaan,
Kehbe ko sobha nahin dekhat hi parvaan”
{ O Kabeer, the ecstatic enjoyment of the Divine (enlightenment) is ineffable.
Describing it in words is doing injustice to it, it’s splendor is only to be self-experienced}

“Kabeer meri jaat ko, sabko hasne haar,
Balhari is jaat ko, jeh japyo sirjanhaar”
{ O Kabeer, everyone laughs at my social caste,
but, I am a sacrifice to it, as I got to meditate on the Creator in it.}

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni

chadariya jheeni re jheeni, raam naam ras bheeni;

The fabric (body) is subtle, very subtle, indeed; it is woven with the essence of God’s name;

asht kamal ka charkha banaya, panch tatwa ki pooni;

The eight lotuses (chakras) made the spinning wheel which spun the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) to make the fabric;

nau das mas bunan ko lage, murakh maili keeni.

It took nine months (ten lunar months) for its weaving, and foolish people defile it;

jab mori chadar ban ghar ai, rangrez ko deeni;

Once the fabric was made and brought home, it was given to the dyer (guru) for colouring;

aisa rang ranga rangrez ne, lalo laal kar deeni.

The dyer coloured it with such skill that it became brilliantly red (illumined);

chadar ode sanka mat kariye, ye do din tumko deeni;

As you wear this fabric, do not have doubts; it is a gift to you for two days only;

murakh log bhed nahi jaane, din din maili keeni.

Foolish people do not know the secret of this fabric, and day after day they pollute it;

dhruv prahalad sudama ne odhi, shukdev ne nirmal keeni;

Dhruv, Prahalad, Sudama and Shukdev wore this fabric and purified it;

das kabir ne aisi odhi, jyon ki tyon dhari deeni.

The servant Kabir wore it in such a way, that he returned it in the condition in which he received it.