Why to-do lists are not enough?

At the end of this life, people won’t remember us for what we did, people won’t remember us for our achievements, people won’t remember us for our percentage in a test or our position in a ranking or our power in society.

People will remember us for who we were, the qualities that we exuded, the character that we cultivated in our life that touched their hearts. So what the ancient spiritual teachers tell us is along with having a to-do list, have a to-be list and ask yourself day-to-day what can you do and how can you function in this world to live up to that to-be list.

Keshava Swami

Inwardly be free of all hopes and desires, but outwardly do what needs to be done. Without hopes in your heart, live as if you were full of hopes. Live your heart now cool and now warm, just like every one else. Inwardly give up the idea ‘I am the doer’, yet outwardly engage in all activities. This is how to live in the world, completely free from the least trace of ego.