On will power

  • Unavoidable are the hardships and misfortunes, trials and tribulations, sorrows and sufferings in life. To endure and to bear them patiently and bravely is to conquer them.
  • Develop the courage to act according to your convictions, to speak what is true and to do what is right.
  • Man has the spark of divinity within him, and he can elevate himself to the greatest height of moral superiority.

B.S. Surti, Thus Spake Zarathushtra

Guru and disciples

The world says ‘seeing is believing’, but the guru says ‘seeing is belying’. The world urges us ‘to become’ someone, the guru tells us ‘to be’ what we are. The Truth is very subtle, difficult to grasp and seemingly contradicts worldly experiences. The discipline, therefore, many times doubts it’s existence. The affirmation of the guru instills confidence in the disciplines that the Truth exists, It can be realized and that they too can directly experience it.

Swami Tejomayananda, Ganapati Atharvashirsha Upanishad


Sadhana is a practice; it is a discipline; it is a manner of streamlining one’s life – conducting oneself in daily life in a specifically ordered and scientific way. Doing anything that one thinks, going anywhere one likes – that is not a disciplined life. Even if it is necessary for you to do varieties of things in a particular day, those varieties have to be beautifully blended into the pattern of a unity, which is the day for you. The whole day is a unity of purpose. In every act of ours, every day, we are expected to take a further step of advance towards the realisation of Truth, an advance in the direction of Reality, which means to say an effort in the direction of imbibing in one’s own personal life those characteristics which are to be found in Reality Itself.

Swami Krishnananda