Your best friend in the world

Tell me one thing, those who have been initiated by the mantra.

Of all the thousands of thoughts we have in a day… Somebody said we have 16 000 thoughts in a day in your waking life.

Of all the thousands of thoughts we have in a day, how many many of them are more important than the mantra?

How many are more important – if you just said this thought and mantra? Almost none. Almost none.

Such a waste of mental energy – chattering away hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Replace it with something that will give permanent peace and joy and elevation and nobility to the mind.

There are very few times when you actually need to think.

Other things in the world, they demand your attention. Think. Do it. Finished? Replace it with the mantra.

Stay with the mantra. Keep… Become… It’s your best friend in the world.

– Swami Sarvapriyananda

The nature of the peaceful mind

The following are the attributes of the peaceful mind:

  1. Does not crave for fame and recognition
  2. Does not interfere with the world till needed or requested
  3. Does not attempt to create an environment of selfishness
  4. Does not idle
  5. Does not desire to work for more than what is needed
  6. Does not wander
  7. Does not become jealous
  8. Does not drive actions which can be regretted later
  9. Does not fail to be grateful
  10. Does not grieve over what cannot be changed
  11. Does not hold grudges
  12. Does not retain unpleasant memories

Neti, neti. Not so, not so.