Shiva, Ganga and third eye

Ganga, the holiest of the holy rivers, flows from the matted hair of Shiva. Shiva allowed an outlet to the great river to traverse the earth and bring purifying water to human beings. The flowing water is one of the five elements, which compose the whole Universe and from which earth arises. The origin of the Ganga from the head of Lord Shiva seems to be related to the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) arising from the ventricles flowing in the direction of gravity towards the spinal column. Ganga circulates in the matted hairs of Lord Siva and then flows to the earth and finally drains to the great ocean . In the same way as CSF circulates into the ventricle and finally drains into the venous sinuses. As CSF preserves the normal homeostasis of the structure of the brain so as Ganga preserves the normal environmental balance of the earth around it. We presumed that that representation of the flow of CSF in the literature of ancient Hinduism shows their knowledge about brain and the dynamics of CSF. Moreover, the flowing nature of holy Ganga represents continuous formation of CSF by the brain.

The third eye of Shiva on his forehead is the eye of wisdom. It is the eye that looks beyond the obvious. The third eye of Shiva is also popularly associated with its untamed energy, which destroys the evil doers and sins. He governs time, i.e., the day and night cycle. The pineal body of brain is also termed as the third eye and is associated with the circadian rhythm of the body. 

R. Kumar, Devendrakumar Gupta in “Shiva: supreme God of all in Saivism”

Desire for enlightenment in a renunciate

Knowledge of the Self does not dawn on a mind which is not purified by non-attachment and renunciation. The latter are the necessary means for attaining the end of the knowledge of the Self. If a man gets attached to renunciation and non-attachment without recognizing them as means to the final end, he loses the sight of the end and loses the game.

Translation by Shri Brahmachariji of Verse 7, Shri Atma Siddhi Shastra by Shrimad Rajchandra

Your best friend in the world

Tell me one thing, those who have been initiated by the mantra.

Of all the thousands of thoughts we have in a day… Somebody said we have 16 000 thoughts in a day in your waking life.

Of all the thousands of thoughts we have in a day, how many many of them are more important than the mantra?

How many are more important – if you just said this thought and mantra? Almost none. Almost none.

Such a waste of mental energy – chattering away hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Replace it with something that will give permanent peace and joy and elevation and nobility to the mind.

There are very few times when you actually need to think.

Other things in the world, they demand your attention. Think. Do it. Finished? Replace it with the mantra.

Stay with the mantra. Keep… Become… It’s your best friend in the world.

– Swami Sarvapriyananda