Does weather affect metabolism at all?

Do I need more (or fewer) calories in the winter
compared to what I ate in the warmer months?  Does weather affect
metabolism at all?


Your calorie requirements do not change with the
seasons.  Shivering does increase the calories you burn actually spent
shivering, but as long as you have a source of heat and clothing to keep
body temperature normal, you will not burn extra calories to generate
heat.  When people spend time outdoors in very cold weather, any extra
calories they may burn keeping warm are offset by the reduction of
calories burned in activity, which is usually hampered by heavy

Mother diary’s probiotic milk

Well after a year of its launch, Mother Diary’s probiotic milk has finally made it to the shop in my apartment complex.

A bottle sells at Rs.10, is 100 ml and is based on the symbiotic combination of LA-5 and BB-12 which Yoplait has done long ago. Though presence of BB-12 is written on the bottle itself, curiously, Mother Diary’s own website does not mention BB-12.

The website also only mentions “billions of bacteria” without exactly specifying “how many billions of what” in each serving.

Each serving (of Mango flavour) is loaded with 12.3 grams of sugar for 100 ml and some fruit pulp, but it sure doesnt taste as “addictive” as Yakult. The date of packaging is printed on the cap of each bottle and you will need to add 21 days to determine whether or not you can consume it.

I clearly felt as if Rs. 10 bought more with Mother Dairy than with Yakult- there is 50% more milk per bottle!

Will Smith, a role model to look up to

“I will NOT be outworked. Period… You might have more talent than me,
you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be
all of those things. You got it on me in nine categories. But if we get
on the treadmill together, there’s two things:  Either you’re getting
off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.”

-Will Smith, on his work ethic

On probiotic drinks

I have been using Probiotic products for about a year now. I started with Yakult, but later went on to try several other brands. The four probiotic drinks that I’ve had extensively are:

1. Yakult with Lactobacillus casei Shirota
2. Mother Dairy Probiotic Dahi with Bifidobacterium BB-12®
3. Danon Danimals with L Bulgaricus, S Thermophilus and Lactobacilus GG
4. Danon Danactive with L Bulgaricus, S Thermophilus and L Casei Immunitas

I can say that having probiotic drinks has helped my digestive system and Yakult seems to be the best for me. I’d like to know from others about other brands and strains and which cultures seemed to have benefitted others.

First 5 mile run

Encouraged by yesterday’s effort to hit the one hour limit, today I ventured to run the first-non-stop-five-miles of my life.

Machine : LifeFitness 95Te

Warm up time : 5 mins
Warm up distance : 520 m
Running time : 55 mins
Distance covered : 5.1 miles
Inclination : 0 degrees
Cool down time : 5 mins
Cool down distance 460 m
Calories burnt : 635

After effects :
- A few people asking me if I was training for the half-marathon
- A ravenous appetite despite drinking a litre of water
- 1000 calorie breakfast
- 3 hours of sleep after breakfast

Where all does it still hurt?
- Calves
- Hamstrings
- Lower back