Science questions

  1. If the Higgs is an infinite field with a local value of 246 GeV, where does this infinite energy come from?
  2. Why is the infinite energy of Higgs field necessary to create the smallest possible mass and for things to “simply exist”?
  3. Why does the Higgs field interact differently with different particles with masses?
  4. Where does the mass of neutrinos come from?
  5. How many fields exist in empty space?
  6. As two gluons can occupy the same space, why should they “interact” to create a Higgs Boson?
  7. How do we see colors in our dreams when our eyelids are closed and no light enters past them? If vision can happen without the eye or light, why should we correlate reality what is observable?
  8. How do we hear speech in our dreams when we sleep in a room with pin drop silence?
  9. How do we explain consciousness, out-of-body experiences, near death experiences, premonition?
  10. Explanations of dark matter, dark energy and why they predominate the known universe
  11. Can supersymmetry be proved?
  12. What type of experiments will need to be designed to prove matter is made of strings?
  13. What kind of computing power is needed to solve 13 dimensional string theory problems with possible 10^500 compactifications?
  14. What are the correct values for vacuum energy?

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