The Law of Humility

The law of humility states that what you refuse to accept will continue for you. This law seems to be a difficult one to understand for many people.

It can be explained with examples. In psychotherapy, this law could be called “denial.” What you choose not to see that may be happening in your life becomes most difficult to deal with. Awareness is the key to change. Similarly, what you refuse to accept will also continue for you.

Perhaps there is someone in your life that is extremely hard for you to deal with. Maybe you see them as controlling.

This characteristic surfaces the most with couples. One is always feeling controlled in some manner by the other. They can feel controlled by manipulation, martyred or victim behavior, someone’s health issues, the other’s grief, the other having more or less money, their children or any other reason they feel there is an aura of control darkening their relationship. This may be felt in a work environment, family of origin, or among friends.

If at first you choose to not accept this trait about the other, it will end up creating damage in your body, mind or soul. By not accepting this about the other, it becomes repressed by you and ends up being manifested in many other ways. It can often turn to depression, migraines, back pain, allergies, shingles, or a host of other physical ailments. By not accepting it, you may turn to drugs, prescription medication, drinking, sex or food to numb what it is you cannot accept. It may make you feel as if you’ve become lost in the dark and cannot see the light anymore. Your ability to meditate, pray or connect with spirit will most likely be sabotaged.

So, what does this law of humility mean for you to do?
Awareness is key to change!

You can choose to not see these characteristics as flaws or negatives, but instead decide to accept them as what they are. If someone is controlling, see it for what it is, and decide that this is in your life for some reason for you to learn from it to further your soul growth. Perhaps you needed to find your strength again to be with this person. Perhaps your strength will even allow you to accept this person. As you come from a higher level of spirit and understanding, your strength and inner knowledge will help you make decisions.

Moving into the role of the observer will always help you accept more clearly that which is tugging on your soul. It has been placed there for a reason! Meditating will also allow you to see it more clearly.

Are you focused on a higher level of being yet? Can you observe without being pulled into the negative? Are you able to accept others wherever they are in life?

Remembering that even with acceptance you can still make whatever changes are necessary for your body, mind and soul to move further on your journey of spirit!