Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar

Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar, Diya Kabira Roye
Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein, Sabit Bacha Na Koye


Looking at the grinding stones, Kabir cries
In the duel of wheels, nothing stays intact.


Dui Patan (Twin stones of the grinding mill) here signify earth (Prithvi) and sky (Akash) and within the ambit of these is all creation and life as also the manifestation of all natural phenomenon of dualities: day and night, life and death, joys and sorrows, thereby making life forever in motion

Chalti Chakki (Running wheels) represent the wheels of time and an ever changing process. Trapped in this duality, whatever we see is perishable. Nothing that we comprehend is eternal.

All contradictions emerge out of dvaitha tatwa. The duality; as me and you; us and others etc, at the most basic emotional and existential level. This leads to our perception of the world in duality

This separateness breeds the emergence of ‘samsara’ whose worst form is human conflict and destruction.

In this duality in perception whole meaning and purpose of life is lost.

Kabir’s observation is seeped in sufiana and advaita.
”Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein,Sabit Bacha Na Koye”. every one is lost in this duality.

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  1. Chalti chakki dekh k kamal hsa thathay keel sahare jo rhe bal na baka hoy

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