prajñānam brahma Prajña is Brahman or …

prajñānam brahma – “Prajña is Brahman”, or “Brahman is Prajña”

Prajñānam Brahma

Several translations, and word-orders of these translations, are possible:

jñā can be translated as “consciousness”, “knowledge”, or “understanding.”
Pra is an intensifier which could be translated as “higher”, “greater”, “supreme” or “premium”, or “being born or springing up”,referring to a spontaneous type of knowing.

Prajñānam as a whole means:
प्रज्ञान, “prajJAna”, Adjective: prudent, easily known, wise
Noun: discrimination, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence.

Related terms are jnana, prajna and prajnam, “pure consciousness”.
Although the common translation of jnanam is “consciousness”, the term has a broader meaning of “knowing”; “becoming acquainted with”, “knowledge about anything”,”awareness”, “higher knowledge”.

“The Absolute”
“The Highest truth”

Most interpretations state: “Prajñānam (noun) is Brahman (adjective)”.

Some translations give a reverse order, stating “Brahman is Prajñānam”, specifically “Brahman (noun) is Prajñānam (adjective)”.

“The Ultimate Reality is wisdom (or consciousness)”.

Aitareya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda


Mahâvâkya from the Rgveda

Aitareya Upanisad 3.3

prajnanam brahma

sarvam tat prajñânetram prajñâne pratisthitam, prajñânetro lokah prajñâ pratisthâ, prajñânam brahma.
Olivelle (p. 199): “Knowledge is the eye of all that, and on knowledge it is founded. Knowledge is the eye of the world, and knowledge, the foundation. Brahman is knowing.

Hume (p. 301): “All this is guided by intelligence, is based on intelligence. The world is guided by intelligence. The basis is intelligence. Brahma is intelligence.

Radhakrishnan (p. 523): “All this is guided by intelligence, is established in intelligence. The world is guided by intelligence. The support is intelligence. Brahma is intelligence.”